A chronological run-down of projects I've worked on



An online community for crafters (knitters & crochters) where they can purchase the patterns and materials for their projects and then share their work

Flower Power

Flower Power

A game hosted on MangaHigh I converted from old-and-busted Flash into new-hotness HTML5

Flower Power

Jetstream Riders

Jetstream Riders

An HTML5 game hosted on MangaHigh I helped out on, creating a brand new multiplayer server and wrapping it into an Android app

Jetstream Riders

Jetstream Riders on Google Play



MangaHigh is a maths education site using a combination of Flash games and HTML quiz engine for students coupled with a Backbone application for teachers to assign and review work.

Minecraft Web Admin Screenshot

Minecraft Web Admin

Still work in progress. MWA is an server administration web app designed to create and manage Minecraft servers. However, Minecraft Realms may have killed the utility of this application. Current status: Hibernating.

WoW Timeline Screenshot

WoW Timeline

A small pet project I came up with one quiet day... WoW Timeline connects to Blizzard' Battle.net data feed to list World of Warcraft charaters in a style similar to Facebook Timeline.


Transmogger Screenshot


A rather successful utility that allows people to create, save and share item load-outs for World of Warcraft characters.


Hooplo Homepage

Hooplo Media

Hooplo Media branding website along with multiple Facebook apps, including Usain Bolt Athletics and Cristiano Ronaldo Footy

Created front-end iframe container, Javascript API acting as Flash / Java bridge and a Facebook integration endpoint.


Motorcodes Garage Search

Motor Industry Codes

A simple CMS site built on a modified Joomla backend. Uses a Google Maps integrated garage search to combine localised search results with garage reviews submitted by the public.

Built while at Strategies in 2007.